Friday, August 27, 2010

Esmé's Blessing Day

With cousin Ruby

Practicing her Fascist Dictator pose

Four generations

Thank you, Amy, for taking these precious pictures!

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Thank You, Strangers

We have made it to Texas. But before I get to all the details of the move and complaints of how hot it really is here, I just have to write this quick note:

Dear Lady and Guy Behind Me at Airport Security,

Please let me express my profound gratitude for your service to me last Wednesday. I got all the way to the front of the security line before the security guard informed me that I would have to take my baby out of the car seat so I could put it and the stroller carrying it through the x-ray machine. My mom was already waiting for me on the other side and I'm sure the rest of the people in line behind me were rolling their eyes and tapping their impatient toes while I, barefoot and stressed, struggled to pull the sleeping baby out of her seat, and wrestle the monstrous stroller into folded position with one hand (an impossible feat) while balancing my infant with my other hand. You, dear lady and guy behind me, stepped up promptly help me fold up the stroller because all my stroller know-how had suddenly fled my flustered brain. You hefted it onto the conveyor belt. You managed to make the car seat fit through the x-ray machine. "They sure don't make this easy," you said to kindly reassure me. Then once I made it through security you made sure I didn't need any more help before you each walked away into the airport crowd.

You probably didn't know that my husband was 1600 miles away, or that I was moving away from home that day, or that I was nervous and afraid to leave and to fly on the plane with a baby. You didn't know that the last few months have brought more changes in my life than I've ever experienced at one time, that I still feel like a major novice when it comes to being a mother, that my hormones often make me a terrifying wife, and that I almost don't even recognize my post-baby body which is still sporting unflattering maternity clothes. You also probably had no idea that I decided at the last minute to give my cat away to my in-laws the day before, so she moved to Idaho while I moved to Texas. I know she's just a cat, but I'll miss her. And I doubt you knew that it was my 6 year wedding anniversary that day.

Even knowing none of that, you still stepped up to help me get my stroller through airport security.

So thank you for helping me on my way.


Saturday, August 7, 2010

Esmé's First Trip

Here are some pictures of our recent trip to Idaho for grandpa Tutu's 65th birthday:

Here is Esmé admiring the new house
Here she is discussing Star Wars with aunt Natalee...and looking a bit like a tiny female Yoda.

She got to meet a bunch of her cousins. Here are Erica and Sadie with Esmé.
And we were all excited to meet Tutu's surprise birthday present and Esmé's newest aunt--Minnie the St. Bernard:

Monday, August 2, 2010

Roo Phillips: Movie Critic

Since we got Netflix, Roo decided he ought to get some culture and watch the "classics." So with a great sense of obligation and having no intention of actually enjoying these films, he set out on his quest for a greater understanding of American cinematic classics. And he made the rest of us come along with him.

Here are his reviews:

Gone With the Wind

After the first half: That was pretty good.
1 hour and 50 minutes into the second half: Wait, who is Tara? Is that a person?
After disc two: Well, that was pretty much the worst movie ever! Rhett Butler is an idiot. It was like LOST, everyone ends up dead or as good as dead.

"It had some suspense, plus it was...shorter [than Gone With the Wind, I assume he means] it was pretty good."

Planet of the Apes
"That movie is awesome! Cornelius the ape is every bit as dreamy as Clark Gable."

I was surprised by Roo's enthusiasm for this movie. In the days since viewing it, he said the phrase "it's a madhouse!" at least once an hour. And he enjoys recalling this [disturbing] scene:

You can judge for yourself if he's right about the ape and Clark Gable:


Citizen Kane
"Well that was depressing. Now I need someone to tell me what it means."

He's made it halfway through West Side Story and I give him a hearty kudos for having made it that far! His main observation so far is that the film reminds him of one long GAP commercial. He also haughtily corrected me yesterday when I referred to the Puerto Rican gang as the Jets. And then he sang, "I want to live in America" for awhile...

So I asked him which film he would consider the best.

Roo: I still like Casablanca the best...and Star Wars.
Annie: More than Planet of the Apes?
Roo: uhh...Damn them all to hell...?

I'm glad he's learned so much about great American cinema.

[None of the above quotes were taken with the permission of Roo]