Friday, January 30, 2009

The Authoritative history of Annie and Roo: Part 1

We haven’t had much going on lately to blog about, so on this Flashback Friday, I’ve decided to delve back into the annals of my history with Roo and teach you all about us.

Today’s lesson: How We Met…

It all began with me waiting impatiently at an airport late at night, and ended as most love stories do: with me throwing up unabashedly in a well-manicured Disneyland flower bed. But I’ll get to that later…So I was waiting in the airport for my brother, Jordan, to return from his mission to Romania. The plane was late, so I spent the time watching the people—particularly a few young guys who were also waiting for someone. When Jordan finally arrived, there were many there to greet him, including the few young guys I’d noticed before. That was when Jordan introduced me to one, Roo, a former mission companion, and I thought, “Your name is Roo?”
And I said, “Hi, Roo.”
Then Jordan announced that Roo would be living in our basement while he attended BYU. I looked at Roo and decided, “I can live with that.”
So Roo took up semi-permanent residence in my parent’s basement. Meanwhile, I lived there too, just a stair’s flight above him. Though wary at first, I soon let my guard down when I found he could quote “Back to the Future” and play the guitar—a quality that I revered as God-like.

Roo became just another member of the family. He did house work, he did yard work, he ate and visited relatives with us. And during that time, he and I stumbled onto more and more aligned interests until we stopped being acquaintances and grew into friends. One day my mother insisted that he help me fill the gas can for the lawn mower. My first clue that we were friends: The thought of him occupying my passenger’s seat in the car, which would require we engage in conversation, did not turn me into an uncomfortable, awkward mess; second, he heard the CD I had going and he said, “this is a great album.” And my heart warmed.
Another time he interrupted my piano practicing by offering to play a duet with me on his guitar. We decided we would need music, so we went to the music store together. A few times.

Over morning cereal, before we’d go our separate ways, we’d talk about the places we wanted to see and the people we knew. At night we’d sit in our pj’s with my dad and watch old documentaries and heckle Adam West as Batman. 

We climbed mountains together, we quoted Holy Grail, we watched thunderstorms, we ran errands for mom, we did yard work, we talked about music, we liked the same movies. My usual awkwardess was strangely absent when I talked to him. And he was really good at making me laugh — but all the while during these months I was just Jordan’s little sister to him and he was Jordan’s old friend to me.

For now...

Next time: stay tuned for an exciting, unanticipated turn of events!

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

An Anniversary...

Today 64 years ago, Auschwitz was liberated.

I cannot ease the suffering of any of those people.

All I can do is remember that they suffered, and ease the suffering of someone else.

Sunday, January 25, 2009

A Rooism...

One afternoon, Roo and I were standing together looking out the window of our apartment at the parking lot below--probably spying on some neighbor.

As we stood next to each other, making wild conjectures about the person below, Roo stopped mid-sentence and looked me up and down.

Looking concerned, he asked, "Are you really that short?"

I just laughed.

And grew a little bit shorter.

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Thank You, Sweden...

Thanks to Jordan, I now realize that IKEA wasn't the only great thing to come out of Sweden.

Below are just a few of my favorite Swedish dance bands of the 70's:

Dansganget Family = A flamboyant Spanish pirate and his four illegitimate children.

United by their love of music...and hair.

Rick Springfield and a young Daniel Day Lewis took the Swedish Men's Gymnastics team, leotards and all, and formed an unstoppable musical force.

When they were rejected from the High School audiovisual club, they knew their only path to social acceptance was to form this band. The green vests were absolutely crucial.

Translation: Three Boys and a Girl. 

This was the first time they had ever emerged into natural sunlight.

Myth: Adam from Mythbusters moonlighted as a Swedish band member.
Myth confirmed!

The two in the back were recruited from the Stockholm 2nd Ward Beehive class--or else they just stole the clothes of two 14 year old Swedish girls.
(P.S. Why wouldn't you wear washed denim overalls to your band's photo shoot?)

These guys met under a bridge where they were working as trolls.

What was my grandma circa 1973 doing in Sweden?

Bob Candys?! More like Eye Candies!

Sunday, January 4, 2009

Joe's Jacket and a Dutch Closet

For Christmas, I got a jacket that looks similar to this one:

Annie: Hey Roo, do you like my new jacket?
Roo: [nods]
Annie: Really?
Roo: Yeah...These days it's cool to look like one of the Jonas Brothers.
Annie spends the next two days trying to decide which one of the Jonas Brothers she would be the least offended to be compared to...hmmmm.

Another Christmas Miracle:

This is what our closet used to look like--shoes strewn about like a mile-wide landfill. (Minus the tractor.)
And for Christmas, Roo bought us this really neat shoe rack from IKEA:

I call this our shoe garden, because it reminds me of this:So I guess you could say that for Christmas I got Holland in my closet.

Saturday, January 3, 2009

Our Jolly Holiday

This is the house Roo's parents rented for all 8 brothers and sisters & families to gather for the week's festivities. 

Here is Roo overcome with the spirit of the festivities.

Here is Reed/Dad/Boy Tutu looking like the picturesque patriarch in front of the christmas tree. 

Here the corgis and stuffed monkeys are lowing at the nativity.
Troy and Nancee entertaining the little ones. We spent most of our time keeping the dogs from eating the sippy cups, foraging for food in the sofas, and pooping on the floors--we were only marginally successful...

This is our humble little tree in our apartment. 
(We keep our tree small because the quantity of presents look larger in proportion to the miniature tree. This really keeps the Christmas spirit vibrant in our home.) 
Since the budget has been tight this year, Roo found this stray cat to cook up for our Christmas dinner...just wasn't a stray cat.