Friday, October 14, 2011

A Tour of the Manor


 Here is the dining room.

And the kitchen...

This is the master suite. (You can kind of tell that before taking this picture I took everything off the floor and just threw it in the closet...)

Guest room. As you can see, this room mainly acts as a storage area for books, lamps, Joseph Smith statues, plastic Easter eggs, and occasionally Esmé (when she doesn't want to nap in her own room.)

Bathroom 2. That's right, we have two bathrooms.

Esmé's domain.

The family room...

The backyard. The concrete slab is actually our driveway since the garage is in the back of the house. You drive around back then make a six point turn to get the car into the garage. It takes great skill. One time I backed into the fence on accident.
Here's another view of the backyard. The bird bath came with the house. I think it is stellar. Roo does not share this opinion. Right now, the yard is 70% weeds, 20% grass, and 10% unidentifiable organic material. As they say in Texas, we're fixin' to get it all cleaned up and the grass re-growed whenever we can.

So, while the whole place is still a work in progress, and will be for a long time, we love being here. We love working in our yard and making as much noise as we want at night, we love walking through our neighborhood, and we love knowing that this place is ours (or will be after thirty years of mortgage payments...)