Thursday, January 23, 2014

Jackson Hole

In the last week of October, we decided to take a weekend jaunt up to Jackson Hole before winter came. We stayed in a lovely lodge in Teton Village. The park was mostly quiet and deserted, and especially pristine. One morning we took a walk to a lake. It was frigid and still. The air was cold and the lake was like glass. And Esmé was freezing. She made sure we knew it, too.

After our trip to the lake, we had lunch with an incredible view of the Grand Tetons and went home for naps and swimming.

Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Corona Del Mar and On to Vegas

 On our final Sunday in California, we attempted to go to church. Attempt failed. We made it through ten minutes before everyone (including me) was melting down. So instead we drove to Temecula to visit some family then stopped at the beach on the way home.  The sun was going down and it was beautiful.

From California we drove on to Las Vegas, where we spent five days at a trade show. It was an arduous week and our hotel was less than stellar, but we survived.
We had a long, long, long drive home from Las Vegas, and by the time we sputtered into the driveway, we all felt like collapsing out of exhaustion. It was a three-week marathon, but we survived and I was very proud of what troopers my little girls were!