Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Bumps and Rolls

Here is a photo of me at 16.5 weeks pregnant (two weeks ago):

I think this picture is a bit deceiving because I don't think I look that pregnant most of the time - I suspect that my belly is more composed of Doritos and Milk Duds than it is of baby...In truth I am just extremely anxious to start looking obviously pregnant rather than suspiciously fat, if only to convince myself that I'm not delusional about being pregnant. So far, I've been able to wear all my normal clothes (as long as the pants are unbuttoned a bit) and often express to Roo how un-pregnant I think I look. He, however, is quick to inform me that that is not the case:
Annie: I don't think I look that different.
Roo: What?! You're turning into, like, a ball. You have to bend over to hug me!

It was also made plain to me that my pregnancy may not be such a secret when a couple of weeks ago, Alba, a co-worker who speaks no English except "please" and "thank you," stopped by my office to chat. I was able to discern from her mix of smiley one-worded Spanish sentences, raised eyebrows, and hand gestures directed at the belly that the apparentness of my pregnancy and its accompanying girth expansion transcended all language barriers. I said, "Yes," pointing at my tummy, "baby." She said, "Ahhhhhhhh," and smiled and nodded a lot.
And when I told my boss, he chuckled and said he'd known for quite a while now. He'd based his conclusion on how many snacks he'd see scattered around my desk on any given day. That's what he told me.

I've scheduled my ultrasound for next week. We are anxious to find out what kind of baby we are having, hopefully human (fingers crossed)!

In the mean time, we've been making cinnamon rolls,

watching Lando and Chase enjoy the snow (at least someone does...),

and reconnecting with the animal kingdom.

Monday, January 25, 2010

Time for a Deep Thought

"If you work on a lobster boat, sneaking up behind someone and pinching him is probably a joke that gets old really fast." Jack Handey

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Belly Time

Thanks for all the nice words and wishes!

Since a pregnant woman's belly is public domain, I've gotten a few requests to show off mine. Well, unfortunately I don't have any pictures yet of my belly, but for those of you belly enthusiasts who are so anxious for a really good belly picture, let me satiate your desire with the following. It will have to hold you off until I get some pictures of myself:

(p.s. To this guy who accidentally walked through a picture we were taking a few years ago, if you are somehow reading this right now...uh....sorry.)

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Year-End Cheer

We had a lot of reasons to be happy at the end of 2009. First, we had a warm and cozy Christmas with our family, eating chocolate, playing games, watching football...napping while everyone else is watching football. We spent Christmas morning in our jammies opening presents with my mom and dad in the same room where I had opened Christmas morning presents on the twenty previous Christmases. And it was wonderful!

Roo got me this:
It is a drawing pad that you use to draw and paint digitally--that means on the computer. I've never used one, but Roo knows I aspire to be an artist so it was a very clever gift on his part.

I got Roo a surround sound system to make the orc snarls on Lord of the Rings even louder and more grotesque. He got to hooking it up right away. But what he really wanted (but unfortunately didn't get) was this Plush Taunton Sleeping Bag because, as we all know, Roo aspires to be a Jedi. And if you get to sleep in a plush Taunton when you're a Jedi, who can blame him? The zipper pull is a light saber and the inside lining of the bag looks like Taunton intestines--and you thought they smelled bad on the outside!
Lando and Chase got to run back and forth through the house as fast as they could, since Christmas had overloaded their senses and running back and forth and barking seemed to be all that they were capable of doing.

Leia got to sleep on the jigsaw puzzle:

We watched Harry Potter (love it!) and Sherlock Holmes (liked it, especially how authentic it was. It had me craving London for a week) and Avatar (which had Roo scoffing for a week), we (mostly just Roo) played volleyball, we went shopping, we slept in the family room (that was actually a mistake and we deeply regreted it the next morning), we visited all the grandparents, and we finally got someone to play Settlers of Catan with us (we got that game for Christmas last year and hadn't convinced anyone to play with us since).

But none of that was the best part. For me, the best part came at the doctor's office when he put a cool wand to my tummy, and Roo, my mom, and I got to hear the miraculous pulsing of a tiny, racing heart coming from inside my body. The hearbeat belongs to our baby, which by now is about the size of a lemon and almost four months old. About four months ago, I had just had a miscarriage and consequently decided to put off trying to have a baby until next year or so...or forever. And it seems that's all it took (well, that's not all...) to get me pregnant again almost immediately. I was initially flustered/annoyed/afraid of what could potentially happen again, but with each day my hope grew a little bolder until that day in the doctor's office when I heard proof that the little embryo was becoming a little person and my hope bloomed. This is my third pregnancy and the first time I've ever heard a heartbeat coming from my body that wasn't my own. I don't regret the other two pregnancies, the ones that didn't work out. It was those experiences that taught me about the power and peace of the Atonement. And I am as grateful for that as I am today for my ever burgeoning belly.

So here's to a new year and hoping that the third time is a charm!